Programmable Message Fan


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Write a message to friends, keep cool in the heat. Say hi and cool off, they will think you’re real sweet. ; Height: 4.4 in. , 11.18 cm. Width: 1.75 in. , 4.45 cm. Depth: 1.75 in. , 4.45 cm. Lanyard: Approx: 22.0 in. , 55.88 cm. LED Colors: Red Batteries: Includes 3 AA Batteries. Batteries for this product are replaceable with use of small screwdriver. There are three red buttons located on one side of each fan (shown above), and a single “On/Off” button on the opposite side. To activate the fan, push the single button. Once the fan is on, you can then program a custom message. To program a message, push and hold the middle of the three red buttons labeled “PROGRAM” until you see the cursor appear on the fan blade. Press the top red button to scroll through the alphabet. Once you’ve decided on a letter, press program to go to the next character space. – The bottom red button allows you to choose symbols such as !, @, #, %, etc. as well as numeric characters 0 – 9. When you are finished with your message, push and hold “PROGRAM” for 2 seconds to finalize. To program another message, simply push the “PROGRAM” button (do not hold) and the fan will appear blank. Repeat above steps to program up to 6 custom messages! ;