LED Water Blaster


1-2 $3.39
3-5 $3.34
6-8 $3.29
9-11 $3.24
12-47 $3.19
48-143 $3.09
144-287 $2.99
288-575 $2.89
576+ $2.84

To activate your LED Water Blaster, insert the head of the gun into water and pull back the handle to load water in the barrel. Then fire away as you push the handle into the gun, the lights color changing and shining as the water sprays. NOTE: LED Water Blasters are water resistant – only submerge front end of toy and never back end. Dry the piece off after your fun to ensure battery house stays dry. LED Colors: Red, Blue, Green Mix Length: 16.75″ Diameter: 2″ LED Water Blaster comes ready to use with 3 AA Batteries.