Happy New Year Color Changing Champagne Glass with Spiral Stem


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To activate your Color Changing Champagne Glass, first assemble cup, stem & base. All simply screw together (neccessary to provide safest & cheapest shipping possible). Press button on underside of base. Set the glass on 1 of 7 individual colors, or set it on a cool rainbow transition from color-to-color. All of our drinkware are tested & confirmed BPA free. NOTE: Do not put Color Changing cups in dishwasher. Gently hand wash ONLY & keep moisture away from the base to avoid contact with batteries. “Glasses” are made of high quality acrylic that is FDA approved. Dimensions: Height 8.5 in. Width 2.95 in. Volume 6 oz. filled to brim LED Colors: 1 Blue, 1 Jade, 1 Red Comes ready to use with 3 replaceable AG13 Batteries.