Black Frame Far Out Kaleidoscope Diamond Lense Glasses


1-2 $15.99
3-5 $14.99
6-8 $13.99
9-11 $13.79
12-47 $13.49
48-95 $12.99
96-287 $12.49
288-575 $11.99
576-1151 $11.49

Put on a pair of Black Frame Far Out Kaleidoscope Diamond Lense Glasses and experience the world in a whole new way. Fractured multi-facet crystal lenses take a single image and magnify it giving you a variegated experience!

High-quality — Substantial heavyweight Black Frames and rainbow tinted lenses feel & look stylish

Kaleidoscope Diamond Lense Glasses arms include holes at either end. Attach lanyard or get crafty & fashion shades to any other piece of homemade head wear you want.

To experience Kaleidoscope Shades, slip them on and watch as the world around gets very strange very fast. Perfect for raves, festivals, clubs, and costumes.

Dimensions (W x H): 5.37″ x 2″

Size: One size fits all

Kaleidoscope Glasses DO NOT require batteries to operate.